Felicity Kendal & Penelope Keith from The Good Life. Jan Francis from Just Good Friends

If Till Death Us Do Part and Steptoe And Son represent the finest examples of British working-class comedy, then The Good Life is the zenith of its middle-class humour. A brilliant idea, clever scripts and first-rate acting from the four main players ensured it high ratings and engendered deep affection in its viewers.
These images were mostly gathered using a Hauppauge PC2000, from terrestrial digital TV, in the UK.

Penelope Keith 4
Penelope Keith
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Penelope Keith 5
Penelope Keith
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Penelope Keith 6
Penelope Keith
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Felicity Kendal Good Life  7
Felicity Kendal
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Felicity Kendal Good Life  8
Felicity Kendal
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Felicity Kendal Good Life  9
Felicity Kendal
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Felicity Kendal
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